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  Computer Doctor’s Rules & Regulation  

Terms and Conditions of Service:

                  1. Chip level services of all laptops are available at Lab.

2.       No client is allowed to visit Lab without prior permission of the authority.

3.       Computer Doctor does not retain Laptop’s bag, adapter and adapter’s power cable directly from the client customer Responsibility lies with the clients.

4.       Shoes are not allowed inside the Lab.

5.       For any reason faulty care will not be refilled.

6.       Client/customer is requested to sign every spare-part for clear identification.

7.       Password is mandatory for sake of service.

8.       Client/ customer is requested to use Computer Doctor’s mobile no. 08820352233 directly for any kind of information relating to laptop. Computer Doctor is not responsible for any information gathered from other sources.

9.       In order to know the service status of any client request number is required on Computer Doctor’s helpline.

10.   Computer Doctor’s Lab service available from 11AM to 7PM from Monday to Friday and 11AM to 5PM for Saturday only.

11.   Prior appointment indicating time is required for any defective laptop service at Lab subject to payment of inspection charge in addition to service charge @ 300.00 extra for each laptop.

12.   In case of failure to reach within scheduled time of special day the appointment will be cancelled.

13.   Inspection charge is required @ 1,000.00 for Mac Book and @ 500.00 for each Sony-vaio laptop.

14.   Inspection charge is neither refundable nor adjustable.

15.   Pick and drop facility is available subject to payment of 200.00 on each occasion.

16.   In case on warranty pickup and delivery facility is available subject to payment of usual charges.

17.   Client’s consent is necessary while filling up online Request Form for availing pickup and drop facility.

18.   In case of delivery prior payment should be made to delivery boy promptly.

19.   At the time of receiving it is mandatory to put signature on spare-parts.

20.   Service warranty is available for up to 100days (changeable). In case of BGA, Graphics or display problem service warranty is ensured maximum for 30days.

21.   For change motherboard warranty is ensured for 30 days and ensures next service warranty.

22.   No refund is available after completion of service or sale of products.

23.   No warranty is available for semi contract except change of package. All other service charge is required under semi contract.

24.   Warranty is available only on Thursday during 2pm to 4pm. Warranty is also available on any other day subject to prior confirmed appointment.

25.   No warranty is accepted on Saturday/Sunday or Government holiday.

26.   No warranty is ensured for body and hinge repair.

27.   No warranty is available provided liquid substance is found in the keyboard and no warranty is available for broken key.

28.   After repair of Hard disk no warranty is available for system slow of machine and service warranty is available 21days.

29.   No warranty is available for broken display/ scratched screen.

30.   If warranty sticker is broken, warranty void.

31.   No refund is made after settlement of service bill and sale bill.

32.   Bring the membership card when club membership service need, that is mandatory.

33.   Club membership client’s machine must be placed between 11-30pm to 12-30pm

34.   10% or 5% discount is available on service charge during continuation of club membership.


We are confident and proud of our service center. We feel for customers and value of money incurred for repairing purpose. We offer our customers 90 days service warranty. It is an opportunity for the customers who may place their laptop again if any problem is found within the warranty period. We also repair it free of cost. We are keen to build up world class service center and we solicit their co-operation and support for our success and achievement. We onsider customer's satisfaction is our success. We motivate our experienced engineers to foster creativity and dynamic performance. Since its inception Computer Doctor has earned an enviable reputation for providing world class service to the customers.

Terms and conditions of warranty:

  1. It is applicable at service lab only.
  2. No pick up and drop facility during the warranty period.
  3. Warranty is applicable only on defective of same issue.
  4. Service is free but not the spare-parts.
  5. During warranty period if the laptop could not be repaired again/ and no alternative is possible money will be refund depanding on the use of the same.
  6. No money will be refunded for ICs.
  7. Warranty will be void on physical sticker damage / breakage / electrical overload / burn out.
  8. No appeal will be entertained after expiry of warranty period.
  9. Product warranty will be guided by terms and condition of the principal company.

Conditions of Delivery System

  1. No pick up charge is required for bill above Rs.501.00 within Kolkata. Any kind of tax / spare cost will not be entertained. (This service not applicable from 01.01.2013)
  2. Free pick up facility is available in Kolkata only. (This service not applicable from 01.01.2013)
  3. Pick up charge may vary from minimum Rs. 200.00 to maximum Rs. 400.00 depending on distance.

COD facility is not available. Required service charge amount must be deposited in the bank’s account or collect it from service center.


Receive Terms & Condition

  1. The copy must be produced at the time dispute / Rechecking. No materials will be delivered.
  2. AMC repair will be undertaken as per terms & conditions written in AMC form.
  3. Customer is responsible for the legality of the material given for repair.
  4. Picosoft is not responsible for originality / authenticity of the software /material /contents in the hard disk separately / in the central processing unit.
  5. Picosoft is not responsible for the loss of data / programmed of the hard disk during the period of repair.
  6. The spare parts replaced will be charged in accordance with the rates as applicable during the period of the job done. The charge will be exclusive of taxes and courier charges and other incidental expenses involved to procure the spare.
  7. 90 days warranty is applicable from the date of job done. No claims will be entertained after the warranty period. Our warranty is applicable only for the part & concern our engineer has repaired and not on the total unit.
  8. Every material carries warranty sticker having date of delivery and job no. No claims will be enter tainted if sticker found tempered or torn off. During the period of warranty if new problem is found in such case warranty benefits will not be given to the customer.
  9. Payment must be made by cash on delivery.
  10.      A) Please check the challan and see that all items are entered properly including accessories (if any before leaving the counter. No claims will be entertained afterwards.                                      B) Material to be checked properly (as per Receipt challan at the time of taking deliver No. claim will be entertained afterwards.
  11. Picosoft takes full care concentration & best efforts in repairing the material. However Picosoft is not responsible for any loss / damage occurred due to some unavoidable circumstances / natural calamity / fire etc.
  12. Picosoft will not be responsible to return the defective spare replaced during the repairing. No claims will be entertained under any circumstances.
  13. NO INSPECTION CHARGE WILL BE PAID if customer does no allow / confirm us to repair the faulty laptops. After giving status during repairing process some times it is seen that more spares / more working time required than expected earlier. Hence the actual billing may differ from the estimate given.
  14. For job status clients are requested to visit our official website and click status bottom and obtain ticket number and machine id. Please note that no status report will be conveyed over phone.
  15. The equipment would be collected with 48 hours of intimation after it has been repaired; otherwise the godown charges @ 100/- per day will be charged extra. If the material is not collected within 30 days from the date of intimation the company reserves the right to sell the material and recover the outstanding amount.
  16. In case of 3 months warranty clients are requested to register their names in our service center. Please note that no warranty will be available during the period of warranty if the sticker is damaged / tampered.
  17. All disputes are subject to Kolkata Jurisdiction.
  18. No pick up facility is available during warranty period. Client is required to pay minimum Rs. 100/- for availing of pickup & drop facility.
  19. Estimate will be conveying for servicing the defective laptop. Estimate may be obtained through SMS & eMail. For inspection report on defective laptop / faulty details client is required to pay Rs. 500/- towards inspection fee.
  20. Unless estimate is accepted and confirmed no repair will be undertaken. If on availing of estimate if it is not confirmed within 72 hours job will be cancelled and after cancellation if the laptop is not collected within 4 days, the client has to pay Rs. 100/- per day as godown charge.
  21. Picosoft does not assure that all units given for repair will be repaired however we shall try our best to repair the unit/s.
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